Fencing and Deck Services

New Fences – We can customize, build and install the fence you desire. We have been building fences right here in the Dayton and the entire Miami Valley since 1980.

Here are some of the types of fences we can install for you:

  • serv-wWooden Fences – Wood is one of the oldest fencing materials and it remains one of the most popular. Wooden fences are affordable, classic, timeless and durable. Fencing made of wood offers a wide variety of economical styles from which to choose. Several of these types include: traditional picket fences, split rail fences, post fences, or privacy fences, and all would add lasting benefits to one’s home or business. Regardless of the fence style, however, wood fencing typically offers a more affordable choice than many other options. They also offer ease of customization and also can be painted to match or complement the color of the house, or it can be stained to better meet the landscaping theme of the homeowner. It can even be left in its natural state if the homeowner wants to achieve a weathered effect.
  • serv-vVinyl Fences – Vinyl or PVC fences offer you maintenance free fencing with the versatility of choosing from picket, semi-private, or privacy style fence options. Vinyl fencing will outlast and out-perform its wooden counterpart and it is also weather resistant, never needs staining or painting, and is backed by a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. Vinyl fencing is considered environmentally friendly and can will give you many years of maintenance free benefits.
  • Chain Link Fences – A chain link fence offers benefits to other fencing options. For one, a chain link fence is more cost effective than either a wood or vinyl fence. Another benefit is that you can see through the fence, which provides great protection, yet allows sunlight and offers visual line of site. They are also slightly easier to install, very durable, and requires little long term maintenance. Sometimes, a chain link fence offers the ideal solution for additional security.
  • serv-sSteel Fences – There is currently no other fence material available that has the strength of steel fencing, not to mention that joins are usually welded and not screwed together which adds to its durability. Steel fences are preferred for their design features as well as security benefits. They are typically finished with either galvanized, zinc coated or powder coated to provide weatherproof qualities.
  • Aluminum Fences – Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is known for its high durability and ease of use. When applied to fences, aluminum has many advantages over the common wood fence. Additionally, when comparing metal fencing options, aluminum is preferred over iron in many fencing applications. Aluminum fences have several unique advantages. serv-aBecause aluminum is less chemically vulnerable to corrosion than iron, aluminum fences do not rust as easily as their iron counterparts. Also, aluminum fences are lightweight, which can be helpful when replacing panels of your aluminum fence. Lastly, aluminum can also be powder coated, which fuses paint to the metal surface. This makes aluminum fences very low-maintenance as it helps strengthen and protect the fencing. If you are looking for a metal fence but want a lighter material which requires less maintenance than steel, aluminum fencing would be your ideal solution.
  • Composite Fences – Fences made from composite materials are strong, durable, and they are mostly unaffected by moisture. Composite fencing is also low maintenance. Most of the time all you have to do is hose your fence down and let it dry. Commonly formed from recycled plastics and wood pieces, composite fences look like wood, but you’ll never have to paint or stain them. serv-cmpOne of the main benefits of composite is the green factor — you are not using new lumber to build a fence. The wood in composite fencing material typically comes from recycled chips or sawdust. Composite fencing is also dense, which makes it strong enough to stand up to the elements for years but it is still relatively lightweight.

Fence Repair – Do you have a fence that is falling apart? We can fix bad or poorly built fences and advise you on the best plan of action.

Deck Building – There are many contractors in the Dayton who offer deck building services. But who can you trust? The fact is many of these deck contractors perform other various tasks like general construction or landscaping first. Deck building is a secondary service they offer. Doesn’t it make sense to have a fencing company build your deck? We dig holes and work with wood daily. Building decks is second nature to us. You can see a few of the various types of decks we have built in the past, right on our Gallery page.

We Dig Holes – Are you the type of person who likes to do-it-yourself? If so, allow us to dig your post or fence holes. The hardest part of any fencing project is the back breaking work of digging each and every hole. Why not let us dig do the back-breaking work for you? This will still save you lots of money and save you the hassle and time of digging each post hole.

Call or contact us today to see how we can help you get the Fence or Deck you have always wanted!